Sometimes DIY for Double Glazed Windows isn’t the Best Option After All

A decade or so ago, a large percentage of adults would attempt to take on most home improvements themselves. From painting and decorating, hanging up a picture, putting up a curtain rail, or even installing new double glazed windows, fascia’s, soffits and guttering.

A lot of plucky homeowners would try to do these jobs without the help of a professional to save on the cost to replace.

In the present day, a job like repairing or installing new guttering is almost completely left to home improvement experts. The truth is that younger generations either lack the skills to take on DIY tasks, or lack the interest to learn how. In some cases, people turn to their parents for help, but for the youngest generation, this isn’t even an option any more as their parents often lack the skills to carry out important jobs like looking after their roofline.

This is where home improvements companies come in.

DIY Double Glazed WindowsIf you can’t face climbing up a ladder and taking care of much needed maintenance or repairs to your roofline, ignoring the problem could lead to much more serious problems than the need for a new lick of paint for your fascia’s and soffits. While the woodwork and guttering around your roof is designed to be decorative and can have a big effect on the appearance of your home, their main function is to prevent water damage to your home, which could potentially be very expensive to fix.

Even if you do have the confidence to regularly maintain the woodwork of your roofline, it’s worth considering that older materials will need more and more work. The cheaper, long term option is usually to call in the home improvement experts. Rather than sanding down and re-painting wood that is rotting or at least past its best, home improvement companies will provide a complete overhaul of your roofline:

  • Fascia’s – Fascia’s are the vertical boards that are fitted to your roof, below guttering and along the gable ends of your roof, protecting your home from water damage. Whereas older homes are fitted with wooden fascia boards, home improvement companies will usually replace wood with longer lasting, lower maintenance materials such as uPVC.
  • Soffits – Soffits are the horizontal boards that are fitted below the fascia boards, forming a box against your home. As with fascia boards, in older properties, they are usually wooden, but home improvement companies will usually update wood to uPVC or other more durable materials that will save you money in the long term.
  • Guttering and Down-pipes – Guttering not only directs water away from the roof to preventing erosion and leakage, but down-pipes also channel water away from the base of a building to protect its foundations. In the past, gutters were often made from a range of metals, however, PVC is generally preferred as a cheaper, longer lasting material.

Whilst it can be good to do work yourself when you can as it saves you money and provides you with a sense of achievement, when it comes to your roofline, you can gain peace of mind and enhanced property value by calling the experts. are highly experienced in Double Glazed Windows, roof and roof line work, providing long lasting solutions, rather than simply papering over the cracks.

DIY Double Glazed Windows