How To Maintain Your Windows & Doors Throughout The Winter

No matter what designs or style you have fitted, with winter in the not too distant future, now is a good time to start thinking about maintaining your home to ensure it is protected from the cold and wet winter months.

You might want to take a look at your roof to ensure that there aren’t any tiles which have slipped, as well as checking your gutters are clear and not blocked. Another feature you may wish to check to prepare your home for winter, is your windows.

Replace Broken Window Panes

If you have any cracked or chipped panes of glass, be sure to get this fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you will lose valuable heat from your home as the cold air blows in from outside. Double glazed windows will also help to ensure your home is kept extra cosy during winter, so if possible, replace any windows with double glazed windows.

Paint or Replace Timber Frames

Timber window & Door frames require a fair amount of ongoing maintenance – this means sanding down and re-painting or re-varnishing the frames as and when required. This not only helps the frames to look aesthetically pleasing, but the outer coating of paint or varnish will help to protect the wood. If you find any rotten pieces of wood, it is best to replace the frame to ensure the window is safe.

Windows & Doors maintenance

Save Time and Money With uPVC Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors MaintenanceOf course, there is an alternative to having wooden window frames. uPVC window frames are far more beneficial, for reasons such as:

  • They are very low maintenance and can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • The frames will not warp during wet weather
  • They provide greater security for a home due to their advanced locking systems
  • uPVC windows can help a home to become more energy efficient, as heat is conserved inside the property and the cold air is kept out
  • uPVC windows are aesthetically pleasing and come in a range of colours to suit the property

If you are thinking of having your windows at home replaced with energy efficient uPVC windows or you would like tips on how to improve your home, please visit this website.

Windows & Doors Maintenance in Winter